View Full Version : 'See How Your Baby Will Look Like' Scam Circulating on Facebook

04-05-2011, 11:10 PM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v708/starbuck50/facebook-1.jpg A new scam circulating on Facebook is promising users to show how their future baby will look like in order to trick them into participating in rogue surveys.

Victims of this scam will post a message on their walls that reads: "awwwwwwww my baby is so damn cute!!! check out yours :) See how your baby will look like? This cutting-edge technology will show you exactly how your baby will look like?"

Following the advertising link takes users to a rogue page suggesting the appearance of their future babies can be determined from a picture of themselves and their partner.

The page has a big "Show Me" button and even a "Report Abuse" link at the bottom in an attempt to add legitimacy to the scam.

Clicking the "Show Me" button presents users with a set of instructions whose purpose is to trick them into pasting rogue code into their browser's address bar.

The instructions are to press CTRL+C (copies the highlighted code), ALT+D (makes the browser bar active), CTRL+V (pastes the code) and ENTER (executes it). The code posts the previously mentioned spam message on their wall.

Users are then redirected to a page asking them to complete one of several surveys. Doing so earns scammers commission money through affiliate marketing schemes.

Some of these surveys can be deceptive and users can end up signing up for premium rate services billed on their mobile phone.

People affected by this scam should remove the spam messages from their wall in order to prevent their friends from also falling victims. in case they provided their phone number during a survey they should also contact their carrier and inform them that they don't want any additional services.

This scam follows similar ones that are still spreading and promise users to show them how they will look when they're old. In both cases, the advertised technology doesn't exist.