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06-08-2008, 12:01 PM
For anyone interested in FREE TV using the new over the air Digital TV
broadcasts in the New Jersey area, you may find this post useful. I recently
purchased a DIGITAL STREAM DXT950 analog to digital converter box for use
with my analog TV. Below is a brief summay of my test results and a link for
more details.


Using a large outdoor VHF/UHF antenna with a mast mounted antenna booster of 20 db gain.
Antenna is located in Fieldsboro, NJ and pointed at NY where the Twin Towers used to be.
Antenna is 25 miles from Philadelphia, PA and 60 miles from New York City, NY (transmitters).

Summary of the new Digital Reception

I'm getting 25 TV Channels on 11 different frequencies in both the VHF and UHF bands.
15 TV Channels are ones I'll actually watch which require both VHF and UHF Antennas
All channels are coming in with a crystal clear picture and good sound.

The DIGITAL STREAM DXT9950 converter box was simple to setup. After initially hooking
up the cables and turning the unit on, a setup wizard took me through the setup procedure
and in about 3 minutes it was done scanning and detecting all the channels.

Operation of the converter box is all done via the remote. There are no front panel controls
or displays other than the power LED. Everything is displayed on the TV screen. The most
useful features on the remote are the METER (shows current CH signal strength),
EPG (shows current CH TV schedule), Vol+/Vol- (adjusts volume level), MUTE
(toggle sound ON/OFF), and A/D (toggle between Digital TV and the old Analog TV)

The remote also had a FAV button. In the MENU system it allows you to EDIT the channels
to select any channels to be on the Favorites list. The FAV button will then cycle through
all your favoite channels. Very nice feature.

Overall, the DIGITAL STREAM DTX9950 is a very good product and works well.

Old Analog TV Versus New Digital TV

The difference between the old analog system and then new digital system is dramatic.
I'm now getting 8 more channels than before and all are crystal clear instead of most being
snowy with other interference and ghosting.. Of my favorite channels that I watch frequently,
I now have 14 Channels which is 4 more than I had before.

For more details on reception and to see how my old analog system
performed, see the link below.

What's the Scoop on Those New Digital TV Converter Boxes?
HTH-FreeInfo-Digital_TV_Converter (http://www.htworkshop.com/freeinfo_digital_tv.htm)