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Chilly Breeze
09-06-2009, 07:32 PM

Apologies for the wall of text that's about to come your way from a brand new member, but I am STUCK! :)

I've been having some problems connecting to several programs for a long time now and none of the solutions I've been able to google up have been any help. The programs I am having trouble with are the online game, World of Warcraft, Sky TV's Sky Player and utorrent.

This problem seems to only be occurring during "peak" times but it is not always happening. Sometimes I can connect fine, right through peak times without any problems, then sometimes I cannot connect. Specifically, with Warcraft, I type in my login details and it gets past the authentication server, but then get's stuck when it tries to connect to the actual gaming server. With Sky Player, I can log in and stream videos, but it will not let me download anything and with utorrent, it stops all my downloads.

For an example of the timing of this, I was able to play the game without problems all weekend, all day yesterday and today until 5pm when it stopped letting me connect and according to previous pattern, will not let me connect again until after midnight. I did some searching and it seems that the vast majority of players (including myself) who have this problem are with the ISP Tiscali or one of its foreign branches. After discovering this, I have contacted Tiscali customer support and they were unable to help or offer any possible cause for the problem and after doing some tests, claimed that there is no problem at their end. I have also posted many threads on the Blizzard (game manufac.) support page and they have came up with nothing.

Frankly, I think it must be a Tiscali related problem because of the fact that almost all the other people with the problem are with Tiscali, and surely there's nothing else that could cause time specifc connection blockages with specific programs? There's obviously something that changed with my connection today at 5pm, but I just can't figure out what it is.

It's very perplexing...

Thanks very much to anyone who read all that and I hope someone can help!

09-06-2009, 07:56 PM
Hi Cihilly,

Just looking at this

The programs I am having trouble with are the online game, World of Warcraft, Sky TV's Sky Player and utorrent.

Before we go any further, you are using uTorrent, which generally comes under the umberella of P2P software.

If you look at the rules here


Rule 3 does state no advice will be given regarding P2P. Should you need continued help on the forum, please remove all P2P software from your computer.

Drop a post to let us know you have done so and we'll continue.


Jelly Bean
09-06-2009, 08:06 PM
Thankyou for that Tootech,let me also just add to this.

You are downloading and using online games etc.

Tiscalii also caps your speed.

Tiscali brought in the fair usage rule.

Hence once you have used a certain limit of bandwith per day or hourly however they rate this.Or when you have downloaded a certain GB of files they slow your speed right down.Virginmedia does the same.

So during peek times your speed is slowed for not just you but all customers in your area,then you are also using a lot of bandwith and downloading.

You have exceded your limit.There is no way this can be fixed.

Have a read:

Tiscali - Fair usage policy (http://www.tiscali.co.uk/legal/fair-usage-policy/)

Unless you go for a higher meg broadband speed which will give you a slightly larger allowance.

As Tootech said please read forum rules.

Thread answered and closed due to breakage of forum rules.