View Full Version : Who is calling.

Jelly Bean
26-10-2009, 01:16 AM
I had a call from this number:08454122703

I was charged 34p for this number calling me.

I did answer the call but got no responce.

I am with T-Mobile and I did a search and some sites say it is T-Mobile trying to get you to pay your bill.

However my bill is direct debit and is upto date.

Some say it is a scam to get you to give out your personal details.

Surley if it was T-Mobile they would not charge me if they called me?

Anyone got a clue about this?

I did a search of the number and got conflicting information.

I will be ringing T-Mobile tomorrow but doubt I will get any decent answer.

Jelly Bean
26-10-2009, 01:51 PM
This one is resolved.

I phoned T-Mobile this morning,it is there number.

Still confused though.They called me and I pressed the green answer button and got a message "If you want to learn what this is phone 150".

Confused?Yes me to.

The young lady on the phone said do NOT answer this call,it is T-Mobile ringing you to ask how you like your new phone and service.If you answer it you will be charged?

I am still confused why T-Mobile would ring me to ask how I like my new service and when I answer the call get an auto message for me to call 150.

Be warned T-Mobile charged me 34p for this call however they will deduct it from my next bill?

Mmmmmmm.This dont sit tight with me,something amiss.Sounds to far fetched.