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Bill Gate's Hour Long Bore Talk

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  • Bill Gate's Hour Long Bore Talk

    Mike was kinda enought to post me a link on msn with bill gates hour or so long talk on upcoming products things like airport desks that will reconise your phone when placed on them .. which then brings up little monitor and if you place a bussiness card on the desk it reconises the text on the card and scans it and then you can add it to your phone .. i for one thing this is some idea that would be greatly used if M$ wasnt doing it :P

    but another main thing i liked was young Bills 4 screen glass panel projected monitor .. apart from being widely huge and entreging i really would love to have one, i think its sooo nice, i think he has a currently updated beta of vista on it .. but the screen was sooooooooooo nice,, i want one :'( if anybody knowsanywhere i can get gimicy stuff like this please tell ... rewards may be ensured

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    Here is a link to the movie which cooper was talking about.

    Its Microsoft at CES 4th Jan 2006, and run for about 1h 30mins at 300kbs


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      yey lol was looking for that link in ma msn chat logs ..... got bored after 4 mins..

      but do look out for his glass screen .. wantage


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        I still laugh at the video of Bill brought out a year or two ago

        I'm sure you have all seen it. I think it was the preview for Windows Live or something, well anyway, they get round to showing the audience and a blue screen of death appears, lol


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          lmfao.. yeah i remember... also happened on Win 98 at one of the "show offs" lol


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            Lol, what do you say to something like that

            I remember Bill gates just laughed and I suppose he made the audience watch the entire boot up process


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              Hehe, i came across this again the other day..


              Love it :P


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                For a sec there I thought Bill was outta money :P

                Nice vid, mike,


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                  i remember you showing me tyhat vid.. has anyone seen the the banned xbox 360 that they wanted to get rid of .. lol
                  tis really funny


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                    lol, gotta give it to microsoft, they always put the effort in with their adverts

                    shame coz thats the second xbox ad that has been banned.......

                    remember the one with the boy/man/elderly man flying through the air with the slogan "Life is Short" lol :P


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                      that got banned :| .... omfg as iffff