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DVD rewriter installation problem

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  • DVD rewriter installation problem

    I recently bought a DVD rewriter and installed it as descirbed in the instructions. I made the new rewriter drive the master and the old drive as the slave.
    Following installation the computer recognises both drives but I cannot open the disk tray of the original drive. When I press the eject button the wee light comes on and it makes a noise but does not open. The new drive opens and closes fine.
    Now, I admit I did a stupid thing. When I installed the new drive I left it's instruction and installation set up disk in the old drive.
    I've tried putting the end of a paper clip in the hole at the front but this does not open it.
    Does anyone know what I can do to get both drives working?


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    Did you remove the old drive from the PC ? or change the screws ?

    Its possible that if you used the wrong (too long) screws the tray is locked in place.

    More likely the drive was on its last legs and the stress of moving it killed it.

    The force eject should be used with the pc turned off. It can require quite a lot of force to work, a paper clip sometimes wont do it.

    Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity


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      Thanks very much for answering but I gave up with it and hauled it to bits to get the disc out. I think the problem was leaving a disc in one drive while installing another. I'll not do that again.