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Disk boot failure please insert system disk

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  • Disk boot failure please insert system disk

    I have recently took apart another computer and took out its CD-writer. I then took out my old cd rom (which is 2.86X) and finally decided to upgrade. While i was taking out my old cd-rom which is a CDR-2732 manufactured in 1995. I then took that out and put in the HP Cd-Writer Plus. While it was booting it created an error which is Disk boot failure please insert system disk. I then took it back out and put in my old one(the CDR-2732) and it booted up just fine. Im really frustrated since i built other computers before. My boot is Cdrom first HDD second and Floppy third. Im running a SOYO made motherboard which is a SKY7VEM-PRO. I have a AMD DURON 3D now processor at 850MHz. My operating system is Windows 98.

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    Have you checked that the jumper on the replacement drive is set to the same as your old CD-ROM drive was?