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volme control slips to zero

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  • volme control slips to zero

    I have just installed a new dvd cdrw drive, in my compaq 1200, i`m running windows me. the drive works fine reads and writes, but ever since i have installed it the volume slips back to zero, i use the slider in the tool bar set the level and it vivsbly slides back to zero. whats the problem and how do i cure it ?????


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    Hello Hank

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    Did you set the volume in the main volume control or the cd volume control?


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      I set the main volume control in the main vol panel . I could hold the mouse button down and hold the volume in place but as soon as i let go it slips back to zero, very odd,,,,
      I acn`t fathom it, i`ve truied a sys restore and search for any hardware updates but to no avail this one has buggedme all day..
      Th actual drive works well even writes with no problems.
      the drive is a, HP model gcc-4241n , running in a compaq 1200xl307, on windows me os system..

      any help would be great

      thanks for your reply


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        When you installed the new drive, were any programs installed along with the driver? Sounds like there was a program that may have been installed that is keeping control of the volume control.

        Go to START / Run and type in msconfig and press the ENTER key. Go to Startup items and see if there's anything in there that suggests that a program is starting when you start your computer and is taking over control of the volume control.
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