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no output from my new graphics card

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  • no output from my new graphics card

    my system is only 2 months old it came with a intergrated graphics card with shared memory so i bought a new card nvidia8500gt with 512 mem
    so i switch off the the intergrated card reboot the computer it runs but no output to the monitor the only way i can get it to work is to remove the battery from the cmos then put it back the card will then work untill i switch off the computer then i will need to do it again any thoughts please

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    You need to change a setting in your BIOS to output via the AGP or PCI Express slot rather than by using the integrated graphics. When you computer is first turned on, look for information on screen about the key needed to enter the BIOS (usually F2, Del or F1). Once you're in, search around for a setting for graphics output. Once found, exit and save changes. Then do not remove your CMOS battery otherwise this setting will be lost.


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      thanks for that jamey i have done all that 3 times now but still it reverts back to the on board card..


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        Have you tried disabling the onboard graphics card in the Device Manager


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          Do NOT disable the card in device manager, Jamey is right: you need to change a setting in the bios or you have a faulty board/vga card.

          Most boards will disable the onboard vga if you plug a card in no matter how you set the bios.

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