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D drive access denied!

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  • D drive access denied!

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but I'll give some details - any help would be appreciated.

    Two weeks ago (and one day before warranty ran out!) my comp simply stopped working. It would not boot at all and told me that the NTLDR was missing. Phoned the Techguys (as stated by guarantee) who told me that the drive was corrupt. Don't know much about computers but that sounded bad. Got all my docs backed up at pc world and performed system restore (with help from Techguys). Now I can't get access to drive d (data drive) message is d:/ Access Denied. All my disk space has gone - should have about 111Gb but my docs is only about 9.75Gb, it doesn't add up, even allowing for other bits and pieces on d drive. Have run virus checker and updated definitions and found that it was searching files that should no longer be on the computer after system restore! These files were video files off camcorder and pc world refused to back them up. Now I haven't got enough drive space to run defrag and I can't access d drive to clear some space! Can anyone plaese help before I lose my marbles!


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    Update! I managed to get access to d drive to discover that all the docs and files I was told would be lost, are there! Still unsure whether to delete them all though in case I cause something else bad to happen. Real novice, it's taken me two weeks to figure out to right click and explore! Would really appreciate some help. Tech guys told me to get lost coz my guarantee is up!



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      you should be fine to delete those files.......DO NOT FORMAT THE DRIVE......make sure show hidden files/folders is NOT active and neither is show hidden operating system files....that way you can not see important files and thus cannot delete them......
      obviously if you need the files move them to another drive or burn them to cd/dvd
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