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  • Spinrite

    Hello i have recently bought a external hard drive and have encountered some problems. when i try to add files to the hard drive it says that it is full. however this is not the case because i have only used 48GB out of 250GB. I have now tried to solve this problem by using a DOS program called Spinrite. however it has now been running for almost 3 hours and im getting close to one percent. doing the quick maths this means it should take around 300 hours to get through thehard drive. is this normal or should i quit it? it is connected to the PC with a USB could this affect it?the program has not froze and it is slowly but surely going in the right direction!
    any advice is appreciated!
    thanks, Tom

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    Hi Tom

    What file format did you apply to the drive when you got it?
    I'm guessing FAT32.
    I would also like to actually know why you are using this software with regard to your problem.