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  • internet download speed

    Hello, I am running a 56k modem on a windows xp home edition. when i log on to my isp, the small window says my speed is only 24kbps, other times it's 19.4kbps and so on. shouldn't it say 56kbps, is there a setting or something that I could change.

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    The speed that you actually connect at is mainly dependent on how far away you are from your local telephone exchange. If you are in a remote location in the countryside, it is likely that you are so far away from your local exchange that this is the top speed you can achieve. Another factor is that you have a cheap software-based "winmodem". This is a type of modem that utilitizes the computer's processor (rather than managing it itself) and subsequently has much poorer performance than a true hardware-based modem.

    One final factor that I am aware of is that, at peak periods, connection speeds are lower due to a high demand for the dialup servers. This is a small factor, though, compared to the other two.


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      Hi all. I have a optiplex gx 110. I want to upgrade my usb 1.1 to 2.0. I put the pci card in the slot. I need to know what it hooks up to inside the pc.


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        Hi Rita

        If you have put the USB 2.0 PCI card into the relevant PCI slot, Windows should automatically detect it and the ports will be usable. What are you experiencing?