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usb external storage device problem

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  • usb external storage device problem

    I have a panasonic digital camera, on which there are images i want to download.

    I follow the camera & pc instruction to gain a connection, new hardware is found and drivers load under removable storage devices. It also appears in the remove safely operation box so I know the lap top can "see" the usb device. The camera also confirms it has a connection.

    The card does not appear in the my computer/removable storage or "other" screen so I cannot get to the images using the software or through explorer.

    Device manager reports all is ok for device & drivers.

    Error message from software is "no images on card to acquire". There are lots of images on the card (not on internal memory)

    Same issue on 2nd laptop also running XP prof.

    any ideas?

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    Hi Dave

    Welcome to Free PC Help

    Have you got the camera hooked via a usb cable to the pc or using some kind of insertable usb carrier?


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      Hi Wolfeymole, it is the cable provided with the camera, i have tried 2 cables already.



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        I would totally uninstall all the software and reboot.

        Reinstall the software before plugging the camera back in.

        See if it works then ok, if not get back to us.


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          Hi , A colleague at work sorted this. for the benefit of others it was a disk naming clash. My USB device insisted installing itself as F drive. This was already utilised by a drive mapping on our company server.

          Solution was to rename using disk manager the server drive to X, USB device was then visible. Renamed this to Z, then the server drive back to F.

          All now well.

          Many thanks for assistance


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            Well thanks for letting us know Dave, appreciated mate.