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Hard Drive Vanished...Help! :(

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  • Hard Drive Vanished...Help! :(

    I recently reinstalled windows xp and went from SP1 to SP2. I had an extra drive that was I believe 160gb but was only showing about 128 or so under SP1.

    After SP2 was installed I wanted to make the missing hd space available for video capture. I also noticed it was using FAT and I wanted to change that to NTFS.

    Anyway in the process I had to partition the drive as one large space and one very tiny one. After the partition and format everything looked great but then my drive vanished I think after a restart.

    Am I now permanantly driveless? Or can I do something to recover it? I dont have a clue where to start. Thanks to all for any help you can offer. vv

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    Hello Vinnie

    Welcome to Free PC Help

    Your drives vanished eh?
    Or has it just vanished from My Computer?
    Right click My Computer and click Manage then click Disk Management.
    Tell us what you see then.

    Or are you saying the Bios cannot see it?


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      Hey Wolfey, that was it!

      it's there, just no drive stupid of me

      it's formatting (again) now. Thanks for the help Wolfey, a lesson I wont soon forget...

      and for the welcome to the boards. Im sure with my pc ignorance I will visit here pretty often. vv


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        Your welcome Vinnie, good to see your sorted mate.