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    I was wondering if anyone could recomend an external Hard drive or backup system? I dont know anything about them really ie, what kind I need or what memory?

    Basicly its for a home PC, mainly to backup all my data on a regular basis, my husbands business records (Self employed, small business). Family photos, music files, that sort of thing.

    I tried backing up online to the BT Storage but it doesnt even hold my photos and never completes the backup, so I wanted something more reliable. I'd be willing to spend upto around 100 after all I dont know what I'd do if I lost any of the data on my PC most of its irreplaceable.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sam

    Welcome to Free PC Help

    What kind of pc do you have, eg Desktop or Laptop?

    If a Desktop then I would recommend fitting an internal hard drive depending on your system hardware and motherboard capabilities.
    If you buy an external hard drive then the software I mention below will allow you to create a backup to both internal and external drives.

    I use Acronis and it is the perfect solution to backing up all your personal stuff besides the Operating System.
    It's priced at just less than 50
    Have a look here for further details.

    Backup software for data backup and disaster recovery in Windows and Linux - Acronis


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      With my paranoia I would never consider backing up anything to a website especially personal and business data. I use external USB drives as they are completely separate from the operating PC electrically, physically, and from software (i.e. infection) standpoints. Physical separation is critical in the event of a disaster like a fire or theft. I use Acronis to periodically image the OS as necessary and simply copy critical files and directories using windows explorer. Nothing fancy. My three externals are all Western Digital and I don't think I paid more that $90 USD for any. Last purchase was a WD 500 GB at Target for $80 USD so prices are cheap when you catch sales.