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  • changes in resolution!

    hi all, got a slight problem in that every time i turn my pc on or restart it , the resolution changes from 1024x768 (which it is set to) to 640x480. it is easy enough to change it back but is a pain in the backside! this has only been happening recently. tis a 19" monitor, pc is running on windows xp, home edition. any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    ta very much

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    It sounds like a background application is doing this. Either that or a new driver has been installed, in which case it won't happen again and there's nothing to worry about. I would make sure your system is completely malware-free, it could be a nasty pulling a prank on you.


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      hi jamey, how would i find out what this background application is?


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        and how do i stop it?!


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          Well, usually I would recommend starting your machine in Safe Mode but that forces and inherent 640 x 480 resolution anyway. Personally, I investigate the processes list in Task Manager to see what could be doing it. It sounds like an application that is set to startup with your machine. Try downloading Startup Control Panel. The installer will add "Startup" as an icon in your Control Panel (you'll have to view the Control Panel in Classic Mode).

          Work your way through each of the tabs on this handy app and delete anything that you don't need. If you're unsure, you can always delete it anyway and it will stay in the Deleted section, allowing you to restore it at a later time. In my experience, most systems that have been used for a while accumulate far too many useless entries that waste RAM and CPU cycles by starting with the machine. In most cases, you can safely remove all entries from every tab. I recommend you remove as many as you can unless you think they are essential. Post here if you're unsure about any of them.

          Then reboot your system and see if this annoying behaviour stops.


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            i think this may have done the trick! ta very much


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