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Nothing displays on the monitor

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  • Nothing displays on the monitor

    hey people,

    2 days ago my monitor stopped working. I tested the monitor on another PC and it worked so i can think that my graphics card isn't sending anything.

    What happened was I restarted my computer and after the restart a blue screen popped up, what it said is something of a mystery, i just remember it telling me that if this is the first time of viewing then restart the machine so I did.

    Since then my monitor thinks that it isn't connected to anything. I have tested for faults and i'll bullet point them here:

    #using the same cable I tried the monitor on a different PC

    #took everything out the case, had the motherboard with only the barebones connected. (CPU with fan, PSU, Graphics card connected to monitor & RAM)

    My specs:

    #PSU... 1000W Enermax
    #Motherboard... ASUS P5N32-E
    #Graphics... 768Mb XFX 8800GTX XT 600 PCI-E

    Thanks for your help, Jamie

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    You're in a tough position ty, as just about any failed component will produce the No Signal message.

    At this point, a tech would start swapping out parts to find the culprit. This means the video card followed by the ram.

    Do you have an extra video card and how many ram sticks do you have?

    As a long shot, pull the motherboard's battery for 30 minutes to reset the cmos (the motherboard's program).
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      thanks for the help seth,

      i reset the CMOS with no effect then started it without any RAM with no effect! I didn't reset the cmos like you said, i did it using the book and i was a bit scared of the battery...

      I have 2 sticks of RAM but no spare graphics or CPU... what should i do now? try it with 1 stick in.. i'll do that now and report if there are any effects...

      thanks, Jamie


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        Ok Monty please do.

        Don't be afraid of pulling the battery, you will just have to re-set the time afterwards that's all.


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          ok tried both RAM sticks seperately!!
          wolfeymole thanks for the reply. I've never touched the battery so please could someone explain what i do with it... thanks mate


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            Have a look at this picture.


            Gently pull the bit of metal back in the direction shown and it should just pop out.

            Give it 30 minutes and then put it back.