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  • dual monitor help

    hi, i have two monitors connected to my graphics card, my 22 inch samsung flatscreen, and my 19 inch crt iiyama, i want to know, and know how to set up my screens so tht say i can play games on one whilst the other plays a film if thats possible. ive tried everything in my nvidia display but no option gives me tht choice, thanks.

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    Hello Jack

    Welcome to Free PC Help

    Have you read this article from Microsoft?

    Using Multiple Monitors with Windows XP


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      dual monitor

      Hi Jack.

      I think If you have cloned screens than you will not be able to play one different things on each screen, however if you strech the picture across both screens as you can with ATI software then you will be able to play as you wish. But I have no idea how you would deal with the issue of sound.

      Hope this helps


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        brilliant help guys, had a good look at that ultramon programme, and it is possible for me to watch naruto on one screen and play wow on the other! :P, once again thanks for your help.


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          Your welcome Jack, we are glad we helped you solve your issue.