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  • Bootup

    hi guys, I have a bit of a problem in that my PC will not bootup. The PC will turn on but the monitor doesn't go out of standby. However, the monitor works on other PCs. The harddisks turn on and the jumper settings are correct, as the settings on DVD and CD drives. I was running an AMD Athlon 2000 XP, with 2 maxtor 40gb hard disks, the motherboard sadly is a cheap hewlett packard, with on board sound. I was also using an ATI radeon graphics card, and the motherboard still runs on SD ram. Wish I had my old PC from Home it was soooo much me please I wanna play games again! cheers

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    Do you hear any beeps from the motherboard speaker that imply normal working operation? It could be that your graphics card has stopped working. If it's not your graphics card, the most likely suspect is then your RAM.


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      No unfortunately not. I have tried the onboard graphics card as well, that doesn't wotk either. I also tried another graphics card, geforce 4 ti4200 which didn't work either


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        You need to try it with another stick of RAM.