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  • Building a computer problems

    I read an article in PC Gamer about building a PC. I went out and bought the componants and followed the instructions but when I press the power button the CPU fan starts then a half second later dies and a loud tone starts and then dies. I thought It was the HDD so I swapped the IDE Drive for a Sata one but this time as well as the power staying on this time the tone continues (Its really annoying) and the display on the mother board shows "F9" Please help?

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    Hello Napoleon

    Welcome to Free PC Help

    Disconnect any hard drives and cd drives that you have.

    Make sure all power connections are in the correct slot.
    Same for memory and the graphics card and that they are securely seated then reboot and get back to us if you hear any beeps.
    On boot up when the POST (Power On Self Test) screen appears note the make of your BIOS.


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      Hello Wolfeymole

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly

      I have disconnected HDD and DVD drive and checked with the installation guide from the motherboard. The power stays on, The tone remains and the mobo display has changed to C4, and an extra green light has appeared on the mobo. Still no monitor output.


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        Your welcome mate.

        Ok can you give me the make and model of your motherboard so I know what I'm looking at please Napoleon.


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          XFX nforce 680i sli mobo


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            Is this the board we talk of mate?


            Can you tell me where you see a digital readout of error numbers.


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              thats it but without the LT in the name. The Digital display is located at 1 o'clock of the circular battery, to the right of the USB 2 connectors. It consists of digital led displays which appear grey in color


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                Can you give me an exact link to that mobo mate as all I can find is the LT derivation.

                This is the board mate yes?


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                  Ok here it is...



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                    Ok what does the error code 9 equate to in the motherboard manual?

                    If you installed as directed by the manual and installed the software then in theory you should not be getting any error messages would you agree?


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                      Hi Napoleon;
                      Maybe you can find something here.

                      We are all members helping other members. Please return here where you may be able to help someone else. After all, no one knows everything and you may have the answer that someone needs.

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                        Within all the documents that come with the mobo there isn't anything that mentions the display (POST) at all. normally I would agree with you but I cant install anything because the monitor is not receiveing anything. Is it possible I have a compatibility problem?


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                          Ah! I have found a list of POST codes.
                          not sure what they mean though.


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                            Test everything a bit at a time.

                            Remove EVERYTHING except the cpu + fan, power supply, internal speaker and power on switch. With no memory installed you should get a load of beeps from the internal speaker. If you dont, its a problem with the cpu, motherboard or psu.

                            If you do get the beeps, plug in the memory. You should still get beeps (unless you have onboard graphics) but no continuous tone.

                            If you got this far hook up the vga card and monitor, and see if the display comes up.

                            Goodluck and let us know how you get on.

                            Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity


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                              Hi Hardware_dave

                              I did as you said. Unplugged Everything except the CPU and PSU. I powered it up and got a long repeating tone. I then plugged the memory in and there was silence. Then I tried it with the Graphics card and monitor plugged in and got that horrendus constant tone again. Does this mean that my card is knackered?