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Power supply problems?

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  • Power supply problems?

    I turned on my PC today, and noticed the light on my monitor was flashing.. upon closer inspection I noticed the Computer itself had failed to turn itself on proply.

    When you press the On button, it comes on, the lights on the front flash.. then nothing, not a thing. After that I cant press the On/Off switch again at all.. I hold it in, nothing. I press the reset botton, nothing.. infact the DVD and DVD-R drives dont even work.. no response at all.

    Is this simply a power supply issue, and it simply needs to be replaced on is it something else?

    If any one can answer this, it would be great.


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    It sounds like a fautly power supply. Sniff the back of the PSU and see if it smells strange. If you know how, try testing your machine with a different power supply or take it to your local computer shop.