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Pushing a network to its limits

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  • Pushing a network to its limits

    Lol, how long have you ever had your PC connected to the net for? My record is the below pic, 10 days. I think I need to restart my PC now because it is being very sluggish.

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    My mac's been connected for months, having restarted my router a few times in that time. Will try and find a way of getting a similar screenshot.

    Also the servers at work have been connected for, erm, ages. Will try and find out how long today. They're linux, of course.

    As for Windows, well, it's lucky to be switched on for a day without a reboot, stupid thing.



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      Originally posted by andyhargreaves
      As for Windows, well, it's lucky to be switched on for a day without a reboot, stupid thing.
      Just another reason why we should all move on from Windows lol

      I havent actually restarted my PC yet, I'm just a little fed up with it being sluggish because it hasnt had a reboot for a week and a half. Also, I've had to do 3 router resets in that time lol.

      Current timer is 11 days, 3 hours lol


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        I'm betting Mike's Smoothwall firewall/router machine has a very long uptime, which would solve the router issue. The reason Windows needs rebooting often is because there are many memory holes and, of course, silly bugs that allow memory to be allocated and never completely freed for the system again.

        My Ubuntu system has recently been on for three days running with no slow-down at all!


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          Youíre not wrong Jamey.

          26 days uptime from smoothy. Only reason I had to restart last time was due to my ISP.

          Longest uptime Iíve had is 37 days.


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            I can leave my ubuntu machine on for weeks on end with absolutely no problems. In fact the only reasons I have ever restared it are for kernel upgrades and once because it couldn't find my internet connection. When I ran windows I had to restart all the time, it drove me mad.

            With windows 98se I had terrible problems, the clock would start to go out of sync, and the machine would crawl. Restarting was a temporary fix, but the performance and clock degraded faster and faster each time until I was having to restart every 30 minutes. I searched for help from microsoft and found the issue in the knowledge base. It seemed they knew it happened but weren't prepared to fix it. How nice of them.

            What amazes me is you pay so much money for windows, and microsoft won't fix it, yet you download a free OS such as ubuntu and whenever there is a problem its immediately addressed and corrected. Why pay?


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              Hi Mike , guess who?

              Smoothwall custom defense up 42 days, 10:26

              My webserver/mythtv/voip/ftp/2 terabyte (raid 5) fileserver probably went down at the same time.

              I think we had a power cut long enough to take out the ups 42 days ago....
              Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity


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                63 dyas on my server with no slow down,, will take a l,ook again and try a screenshot
                Windows 10 Pro x64
                Aqua Jeantech Gaming case
                550watt psu.
                MSI Gaming Board
                32GB DDR3 Corsair gaming Ram
                Genuine Intel i7 3.2Ghz
                4 x 24x dvdrw
                150GB SSD
                750GB Hybrid Drive
                256 RAID PCI/E SSD for OS
                and loads of other bits i really dont need