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wireless broadband router.

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  • wireless broadband router.

    I have a BT. voyager 2500v router,which i purchased from my previous provider.
    I am now with pipex, and, the router cannot give my son wireless access to the web throuth my pc using this router as it is locked to BT,
    i know that these routers can be unlocked, and wondered if anyone on this website could provide information

    (or any unlock codes) as to how to go about this.
    As well as being gratefull for any assistance anyone can give i would be willing to pay for the info.
    I know other modem/routers can be purchased, but i am reluctant to pay what i consider are vastly inflated prices for what the retailers get for a mere fraction of the cost they charge the public, compared to the ones they pay to import the things.

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    you need to falsh thhe bios on the router. follow this link


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      Thanks for that Jelly, however, i cant access my router, any ideas?


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        sorry i do not know much about the bt routers i will look into it and see what i come up with


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          Unlock file link on this page:

          Remember when you've found the link on that page, right-click and select "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As" in Firefox to download the file. The instructions are at the bottom of the page (they're also on BT's site btw)