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youtube stops polaying after 2 seconds

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  • youtube stops polaying after 2 seconds

    please help!

    i have windows 2000professional. everytime i try to watch a video on tube or anywhere for that matter, the video freezes after approx 2 seconds.
    if i watch videos the sounds plays and so does the video , but then it will freeze and even if i move the buffer along to any point it will just play for 2 seconds then stop.

    i have uninstalled flashplayer, audio drivers, checked sytem 32 . tried everything but i still cannot fix this irritating problem . please help

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    what is your cpu/memory lad like when viewing youtube.
    are you complete up to dae with windows updates
    have you done routine maintenance like, defrag, virus scan, disk cleanup.
    what is your memory usage like when veiwing youtube videos
    Windows 10 Pro x64
    Aqua Jeantech Gaming case
    550watt psu.
    MSI Gaming Board
    32GB DDR3 Corsair gaming Ram
    Genuine Intel i7 3.2Ghz
    4 x 24x dvdrw
    150GB SSD
    750GB Hybrid Drive
    256 RAID PCI/E SSD for OS
    and loads of other bits i really dont need