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Problem with Dell Support Centre

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  • Problem with Dell Support Centre

    I've upgraded the Dell Support Centre tool on my Inspiron notebook, but this has created a problem. Whenever I start my laptop I now get the 'Dell' folder poping up during the start-up process. This folder is a sub-folder of the program directory and contains three files: (1) Media Experience (2) NicConfigSvcv (3) Quickset. Can anyone tell me why this has happended and how I can stop it? Thanks

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    XP ? Vista ?

    Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity


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      I too experienced the same result. A folder named Dell opens on system startup. Presumably when Support Center starts. I tried a roll back to a few days earlier and the system restored back to near normal with the exception that the original Dell Support no longer would run. Using Add/Remove Programs I removed the Dell Support app and all is normal. I have not reinstalled the Dell Support Center for fear of a recurring issue with the Dell folder. It's really just an annoyance but one that should not occur! I'll wait until maybe a bug fix is issued or a revision released.