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  • Help - internet access problem


    I've just got broadband with BT on my home computer, and am having trouble installing it. I have a PC which runs with windows millenium.

    However, despite this, I can still access the internet on a basic level - some websites work, but not ones where I have to use a password. I get the page not found message everytime I try to access a web page that has a password requirement.

    I've been told it could be a javascript issue, and was given details of how to enable javascript on my pc, but it made no difference.

    Please keep replies reletively simple, as my pc knowledge is not great, and I am very much at the end of my tether!

    Any help would be gratefully received.


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    Your first step should be to remove and reinstall the software BT provided with your broadband installation. Use the control panel in windows to remove the software, then use the disk BT gave you to reinstall the software and the settings for the connection. Follow the instructions carefully, taking special notice to type in any settings they tell you in the instructions accurately. Be careful not to confuse letter O and number 0 (zero), letter l (L) and i (I) and number 1 (one), letter S and number 5 (five).

    Reset the broadband modem you were sent - usually just disconnecting it from the PC and the power (if it has a power connection) will be enough.

    Post back with more information if this doesn't help!



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      I tried re-installing, and the same thing has happened. When I re-install, the computer claims it cannot find the modem, which is definitely attached and working.

      So I try and use the internet, going through internet explorer rather than my BT/Yahoo connection, and it works, except on any website that needs a password.