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  • IE encoding settings

    I'm running Win ME on my PC and for some reason whenever I load up a web page IE set's the encoding to Western European (ISO). This turns all web pages to text format only and so I need to manually change each page to Western European (Windows).

    Does anyone know how to set IE to always load up pages with the encoding set at Western European (windows)?


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    I think you need to go into the Internet Explorer settings and set it back to the defaults. Otherwise, hunt down the Regional and Language Options applet in the Control Panel (you might need to opt to view it in the 'classic mode'). Make sure the settings in there are good ones. Hunt down and dig deeper, there are loads of needless layers usually. You should find what you need.

    Sorry I can't provide a more succint answer, I haven't experienced the problem myself but that's the best bet I can summon.