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    My mate who helped me a long time ago with another problem has just rang me. I've kept him up to date with all that you've been doing for me.
    He seems to think that his rescue cd off his Ei system computer which also runs XP home edition can be used on mine.
    He is no techie but he says a mate told him that if you buy a P.C with Windows XP preloaded then it's classed as "OEM" but if you build yourself one then load XP it's classed as "retail"
    He sent me a little prorgaramme to get the windows serial number of the software loaded on this machine which has worked and i now have a number that is made up of letters and numbers in groups of 5. The programme was called "finder"
    I'm suposed to keep that to authenticate Xp when it's reloaded.

    He says he thinks if he reinstalls XP from his cd that it will be o.k apart from i'll have to get all microsofts security updates downloaded. He told me it will wipe my hard drive clean and reformat? it, so anything i want to save i have to burn to a cd or dvd.
    Is he correct???

    SETH You said you thought Mcafee and AVG were not good secutity tools to have for the internet. What do you recommend i should get and install to stop this maleware and virus stuff getting on my P.C Also a good fire wall.

    Thanks again guys and so sorry to be a pain

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    I have a number of options for you, especially in regards to what cd you can use to repair XP. If you go the route of a repair install, there is no need to back up any of your data.

    Are those "recovery cd's" that your friend has, or does one cd say "Windows XP Operating System"? Does he have the same make and model PC that you have?

    I have to go, but I'll be back in about an hour to elaborate. In the mean time, please start a new thread with your internet security question. TKS
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      Thanks for replying so quickly SethI have just phoned him and he has cd disc there. It says on the CD ;SYSTEM RECOVERY CD-ROM&quotThe software included on this recovery CD Rom was pre installed on your hard drive at the factory&quotWindows Xp home editionHe had big problems with his computer once and put that cd in clicked the "R" icon and it wiped his hard drive and reinstalled windows XP but he lost all his other stuff of the drive (his wordsthis won't work then please let me know as he lives 20 odd miles from me and it's a long way to travel for nothing. Also if it will work how do i do itI'll start another thread as you requested SethThanks againBye the way, I have an Elonex amd 64 and my friend has an EI System 5128
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        Restore disks only work for the make and model of the pc that they were intended for.

        You didn't need to use a program to find your XP product key, as it listed on a sticker somewhere on the case of your PC.

        You have three options here:

        1) Contact your PC vendor to obtain the Recovery disks.

        2) Find someone who has a Dell XP cd to repair XP. Unlike other vendor's disks, a Dell XP CD won't ask for the product key during the repair installation. Once the installation is complete, XP will say the key is not valid and request the new key. At that point, you enter the key from the sticker on your computer and proceed with validation.

        3) Take it into a shop. If you do so, make them read this thread to ensure you're not getting ripped off.
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