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word/wdperfect conversion prob.

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  • word/wdperfect conversion prob.

    running windows xp home

    on dell inspirion 6000

    My wife downloaded a test for school in which she would fill in answers, numerical and written.

    When she opened the opened as a wordperect document ( we have wordperfect)

    She completed 4 hours of work and emailed the file back to the school.

    The prof. says they received only "some" of the document. and that she needs to send it as a "word" document.

    When my wife tries to open the document a box comes up and says "conversion" in process.

    At that point the computer freezes and is unable to open document in any format.

    She emailed document to me and same thing happens.

    She would really just like to open the document never mind emailing it...

    (Can't open document w/ any application)

    thanks for the help... ty

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    There is a free word processor that is very similar to WordPerfect and Microsoft Word: AbiWord. Download and install it, make sure you tick any options to install filters/converters. There is a plug in for WordPerfect files. So therefore you should be able to open this file in AbiWord and it will convert it into a usable format. Good luck.