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Weird Key Flooding

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  • Weird Key Flooding


    A few weeks ago my numpad 4 key started flooding a random number of times whenever i pressed it. When playing games, the arrow keys would also flood.

    The keyboard was a ps2 type. To see if the motherboard or the keyboard were the problem, i bought a brand new usb keyboard - still the same problem. This told me that the ps2 keyboard was fine and it was less likely that the motherboard was broken.

    A friend suggested ESET antivirus and firewall suit. Although it didn't detect any viruses/ keyloggers it stopped the arrow keys from flooding in game. But not the numpad 4.

    So, i reformatted my pc - problem still didn't go away. Also, today it's started sending 4 along with other keys, however it's not doing it now.

    My CPU temp is normal, CPU voltage is normal, CPU usage is normal, RAM usage is normal, pagefile usage is normal. I *think* i tried it in safemode and i didn't get any flooding.

    Are there any more tests i can do to find the problem?

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    This is only happening in the game - is that correct? If so, go to the game manufacturer's site and check for an update.
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      No - only the arrow keys flooded in game. But that's stopped now.