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    I recently had to format my lappy, and re-install my xp pro, when installing as many of us do i just worked thru everything but i seem to now keep getting a mess from windows saying i need to free up space on drive E, for windows to run smoothly.
    I have a drive c, 32gb, nothing on it. A drive E, 4gb, with all windows files, etc.
    Is it possible to move the partition or to move some space from C to E, or can I do something else??
    Please help?
    Its probably something very simple and you will all laugh your socks off at me, but I would really appreciate some help, I dont want to have to format my lappy again if I don't have to?

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    Doesn't look good. I would've made the partition a bit bigger for Windows. You are going to need to get hold of a copy of Partition Magic which can re-size partitions.