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windows XP freezing both during install and after

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  • windows XP freezing both during install and after

    Hi, I've been getting this problem a while now after constantly re-installing XP. The thing is, it used to freeze at a particular period of time around 33-37 minutes remaining. I've been told about the shift + F10 where I would delete a particular driver being installed just before the pc froze but that didn't help.
    But then i was told to try the F8 feature and use debugging then the installation went error free afterwards and windows XP was installed. Now at normal boot up the pc freezes at certain points, and sometimes it doesn't even reach the point where there is the XP loading screen. The thing is it boots perfectly when I use the debugging mode, everything runs fine,then it freezes again. So i don't have a clue what to do now...... its driving me nuts lol.
    Please help me
    If this helps Windows 98 installs easily,error free, and no signs of freezing. So i believe my hardware is functioning perfectly.

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    It sounds like a hardware fault or incompatibility, to be honest. Try downloading the upgrade advisor and run it while you're in Windows 98. It will tell you if Windows has poor support for your chipset or a particular piece of hardware.

    Failing that, the most common cause of random hangs and freezes is a faulty RAM (memory) module. It's a wise idea to take all of your RAM modules out and temporarily use a good, known working module to see if the freezes happen.


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      Hey Thanks Jamey but the thing is that, I had XP before, on the system. I tried the upgrade advisor link you provided me but microsoft said the page doesn't exist. I also ran tests on the ram modules and they were ok. I used PC diagnostics. IF this helps... I have the following connected
      194MB RAM
      1 cd drive
      1 floppy drive
      1 10MB Hard Drive.


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        hey ok I retried the link and it was correct sorry about that. My internet connection has been giving some trouble today sorry again and all your advice will be appreciated thanks