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    Hi, i dont know what I've done but all of a sudden the picture on my monitor has started to scroll by at one frame per second! you can imagine how it affects the game especially as its a flight sim! whats wrong? I've tried turning the graphics down, even turning off sound acceleration, and a few other minor things but there is no difference at all.please advise....

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    is your monitor a tft (flat screen) or a crt (tubed monitor).
    is there any soeaker near the monitor.
    what graphics card do you have.
    is the fan spinning sufficent and there is no dust, or cards blocking the fan.
    does the monitor do it when the screen saver is on,and nothing running in the background.
    Windows 10 Pro x64
    Aqua Jeantech Gaming case
    550watt psu.
    MSI Gaming Board
    32GB DDR3 Corsair gaming Ram
    Genuine Intel i7 3.2Ghz
    4 x 24x dvdrw
    150GB SSD
    750GB Hybrid Drive
    256 RAID PCI/E SSD for OS
    and loads of other bits i really dont need