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  • installing games

    Can anyone help me?
    I cant install any new games on my pc.
    It wont recognise games that have not been installed.
    Both CD-rw and DVD-rw drives will not recognise any new game disc, they will however recognise all current (old) games and dvds etc even if I uninstall the assosciated software and try to install an 'old' game, it works.
    Its as if recently my account setting on XP has become limited, they are all however set to administrator level.
    This I have changed to and from a few times, to no avail.
    Any ideas?

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    Try creating a new administrator account. Login with this new account and see whether the game discs work correctly. If they do, you have a corrupted user profile. Post back here with your results and I can help you further.


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      I am having problems with "windows vista" can any one help please.

      I am getting "errorkillers"on my computer is this a spam because it wants me to "buy2.

      I have errors on my computer that i can't solve can i get help from microsoft.
      Please help.