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seriuose browser issues,hheellllpp me pplleeeeeaassee.

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  • seriuose browser issues,hheellllpp me pplleeeeeaassee.

    first of all Hi, my name is chuchuma and i am a novice to the computer world.
    i am having some weird problems with my pc browsers. when ever i try to log on to yahoo,opera,msn,advance,etc. i Error pops up and i can't log on. the only browser that has let me connect to the internet is aol. oh,i almost forgot i have a cable connection.
    i'm missing very important emails via work, important family messages. it's a mess. please help me. thank you so very much

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    hey,what wrong why wont anyone help me? i posted my problem a few days ago and no one will answer. i'm more than sure someone can help me with this problem. c'mon please help.


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      Hi chuchuma;
      No offence but more information might help you get a reply. Look at "hints on posting".

      Maybe AOL is the problem. Post more info please;
      We are all members helping other members. Please return here where you may be able to help someone else. After all, no one knows everything and you may have the answer that someone needs.

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