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No hard disk found, xp install on laptop.

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  • No hard disk found, xp install on laptop.

    I had to remove vista from 3 laptops and install xp. No problem I thought. Booted from xp disk and the installer said no hard disk found.

    Turns out the xp disk has no drivers for the sata controller this laptop (gateway) uses, and gateway support was no help.

    Ever notice the 'press f6 to load a 3rd party driver' bit ? It lets you load a driver from floppy for any strange boot devices you want to install onto.

    A quick visit to, pop the drivers on to a floppy, press f6 and off we go.

    This will be old news for those of us who have built scsi servers, but its the first time I have had to do this on a laptop !

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