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Last updated: 15th March 2011

Basic Rules

  1. No flaming, trolling or spamming, doing so will result in an immediate ban without warning.
  2. No intentionally offensive language, racism, ***ism or other rudeness will be tolerated whatsoever.
  3. No advice or help will be offered with regard to P2P (Peer to Peer, torrents etc) programs or software obtained via that medium unless a member specifically states that they require help on removing such software.
  4. References, questions, signatures or subjects posted with regard to or containing software cracks, rips, hacks, warez, non-genuine, pirated and illegal software etc, may be removed, the thread closed and the originating poster possibly being banned. No help will be given regarding software designed to break or get round copyrighted material and any link to such software will be removed and appropriate action taken.
  5. On the grounds that we are never able to validate the methods of acquisition of hardware and software and therefore the legal possession of said items we are unable to provide solutions to circumvent password protection on hardware or software, this also applies to password protected files.
  6. Do not hijack other people's topics that are having the same problem that you are having. Make a new topic with regard to your problem/s.
  7. Do not double post either in the same forum or a different one with regard to the same topic, doing so will result in the removal of the second post.
  8. Do not create multiple user accounts, doing so will result in the removal of said accounts.
    1. Do not attempt to register a UserName which includes a url or variations thereof, eg; www. .com .org. .net etc.
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  10. No links to other forums are allowed in posts or signatures unless approved by the moderators or administrators.
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  12. Do NOT under any circumstances use Site Feedback or Other in the Contact Us section to send emails to the Administration with regard to your computer problem. Please post in the correct forum with regard to your PC issue.

    Any email received that does contain computer problems will be ignored.
  13. If you are unhappy with a Moderators decisions regarding any dispute then please contact the Administrators.
  14. Clearly state your problem, including your operating system version, any relevant hardware you are using and the exact error or problem you are getting - We need to know as much as possible in order to help you effectively.
  15. Just be nice and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself - Being nice and patient never hurt anyone!

Anyone found ignoring these rules will be private messaged and warned, any subsequent occurances may result in a members participation in Free PC Help being withdrawn on a permanent basis.

Basic Disclaimer:

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