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Thread: Need help picking new motherboard

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    Default Need help picking new motherboard

    Hi all, I have a fujitsu scaelo p desktop with an asus p5ld2-fm/dhs motherboard, 512MB Samsung pc2-3200U ram, NVIDIA GeForce 6500 graphics card and an INTEL 05 PENTIUM D processor..... i was upgrading the ram then i got a small shock from the motherboard. I'm pretty sure i've blew the motherboard in it. Can someone please send me a link where i can buy a replacment mobo for this...... Hope i haven't blew the processor too.


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    Hi and welcome to FpcH

    I'm pretty sure i've blew the motherboard
    I assume that the system does not boot up?

    Before you buy a new m/b why not check it out ( as best we can ) first?

    Do you get any POST beeps when you try to boot up?
    ( assuming that you got one beep before )

    Does the keyboard light up and are there any LEDs lit on the m/b ?


    If you are NOT getting POST beeps ( and you did before ) ......

    Switch off at the wall - leave the plug in to maintain the earth ( ground ) connection.

    Then I would strip everything off the m/b ( RAM / Video Card etc ). Disconnect all external devices.
    Disconnect the power to the hard drive and DVD Drive.
    Disconnect the drives' data cable at the m/b end.

    Leave only the 20(4) way connection from the PSU

    Switch on.
    You should get POST beeps if you have an internal speaker.

    If you don't then it is a problem with the PSU or m/board.


    If you DO need to replace the m/b then you will invariably need to re-install the OS on your hard drive.
    (unless you have XP then you can do a repair install)

    You may want to get at the data on the hard drive to re-claim it.
    This is easily done.
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