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Thread: hardware problems any help plz

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    Default hardware problems any help plz

    im starting to build my own tower from scratch.i have evrything i need to get the tower up and runing but im having a bit of a wireing problem i have no idee on how to connect the powerled resetsw and so on cables.
    my motherbord part number is SL-P4M800I-RL its an soltek moby
    and here is a link to the rest of the moby's info any one able to help me set up the cables?
    plz help realy want this tower up and runing.

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    Hi and welcome to Free PC Help.
    I have looked at the link and photo, unfortunately the photo is just not clear enough to see properly where those connections should go. Quite often there are markings next to connection pins and plugs as to what they are for, but sometimes may be too short or small to understand exactly what it may mean.
    Can you get any good close up photo's of the spare pins or plugs/sockets as I also cannot find much information or better view of the board. It is quite an old series of motherboard.

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    Like Plastic Nev said in 99% of the cases the motherboard has markings ( letters ) next/above/underneath the pins letting you know which pair is what.
    The Power Button Connector usually noted as PWR or PW or PSW has no polarity, you don't have to worry about it, just connect the corresponding cable to the pins marked with PWR.
    The same applies for the reset button as well, it has no polarity, and you'll find it noted as RST or RS. Just connect the corresponding cable from the case to the RST/RS pins on the motherboard's header.

    The other cables aren't really needed, but if you want them, they're usually mentioned as:

    Hard Disk Drive LED = HDD LED or HDD or HDL ( you need to connect it properly, it is a polarized connector, depending on the LED on your case it might not light up or light up in a different color if connected improperly, no harm will be done anyway )
    Power LED = PLED or PWR_LED, like above, it needs to be connected properly, as it is a polarized connector as well.
    Speaker ( Buzzer ) = SPKR or SPR or BUZ

    If you still have issues or questions, just post a photo of your motherboard's headers and another photo of the cables from your case showing the markings on them clearly

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