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Thread: Ikoula french web hoster

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    Default Ikoula french web hoster

    How knows i***** ? I just received an email from i***** today, they offer a free website for 6 months with 1 domain name, unlimited looks good but I don't know this hoster

    here is the news :


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    I deleted the advertisement - I thought it was spam !

    I deleted the hosts name - I thought that was spam too !!

    I have a few questions:

    1. Why would a web host who have been around for 14 years suddenly decide to email you specifically ?

    2. If it is free - what have you got to lose ?

    3. Given the above .............why have you bothered posting here in the first place ..........................could it be for no other reason but to spam this forum ?

    You are based in France ................correct ?
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