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Thread: wifi

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    I had a similar issue with needing wi fi at a remote location and tried the wi fi extenders with only very limited results. Loads of drop out and the devices needed careful positioning and often rebooting. In the end, despite having misgivings, I tried a powerline adapter and even though the remote room is 100m away from the router it works absolutely fine - no drop out reasonable speeds and a clone of my wifi network to boot. So I don't even have to change settings on phones or laptops - simply go from one location to the other. The units I am using are by TP link with one sender unit and a wifi adapter at the other end which also has 2 Ethernet connections which I find useful. In fact I am so impressed by the system I have added another wi fi adapter to serve another place in the house which was a bit of a dead spot and everything has been working fine ever since

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    i will bring the desktop inside later today
    Are you still having problems George ?

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