I hope everyone is well.

Iíve recently gone up in the world ... from Vista to Windows 10 in one go

Actina Prime
8GB Memory
Core i3 3.4GHz
Video G Force GTX650

I donít know if anyone can help me with this ...

Iíve been keeping an electronic diary on a tablet using an App by DroidVeda ... Diary Version 4.7.

Every so often Iíll back it up, convert it to a PDF and email it to my desktop PC ... at some point I ended up with two PDFs ... say Jan 2016 to Nov 2016 and a separate one Dec 2016 to the present day.

The question is ... how can I join these two PDFs together

And ... Will I be able to continue writing the diary direct onto an ongoing PDF instead of using the tablet App

I have Microsoft Office 2007

I looked at downloading an editable PDF program but didnít want to pick up any unwanted rubbish on my new computer.

Thank you in advance