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Thread: Wifi and LAN adapters stopped working (Windows 10)

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    Default Wifi and LAN adapters stopped working (Windows 10)


    both the wireless and the LAN dapter stopped working in my Lenovo laptop on Sunday and I can not connect to the internet. It did NOT happen after a Windows update. The home network is fine, all other devices are functioning. I tried updating the adapters but Windows says they are up-to-date. I can see my network as available but connection does not happen. The LAN worked for a few hours yesterday when I switched off the firewall in my Avast antivirus but even that is not so any more. Pls help, thanks.


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    Hi Gabor,

    Sorry for the slow response - I have been away for a while.

    Are you still having problems ?
    We are all put here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know!

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