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Thread: Is 2 router set up possible.

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    Default Is 2 router set up possible.

    Afternoon everyone,

    It's been a while since I've been here and I would very much appreciate your help and advice once again please. Currently my broadband cabling enters the house into the lounge on the ground floor and it used to connect laptop, mobiles and tablets to the network wirelessly. We are on the finishing straight of converting our loft space into a dedicated pc/hobby space to be shared by wife and I. We have a Netgear (Virgin branded vmdg 490) router and a Sky SR101 router sitting here gathering dust. Would it possible to connect either router to the EE wi-fi and then connect pc's to either router using ethernet cables to obtain internet access for a pair of desktops? Failing that would a cable connection between either routers and the EE router be a solution, bearing in mind the cable would need to be run up the outside of the house and into the loft space?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    Hi again,

    Using a second router as a range extender is not straight-forward.
    If you want to have a go then take a look here - click here
    There are lots of videos on Youtube if you want more info.

    The simplest method - by far - is to use a range extender that uses the house mains wiring system.
    The main unit plugs in near the router.
    The extender unit uses a socket in the loft.
    Some extender units allow both wifi and Ethernet connections.
    Some have the option of having a usable mains socket within the unit - so you don't lose the use of the wall socket.

    See here - click here

    Some extenders use just one device.
    This is not as efficient as the method used in the video.

    Hope this helps.
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    For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

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