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Thread: "Compenent "MSINET.OCX"or of its dependencies not correctly registered

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    Default "Compenent "MSINET.OCX"or of its dependencies not correctly registered

    OK I have a problem which is driving me crazy so please help if you can.

    I have just restored my pc's factory settins, so everything has been wiped.

    I have not loaded any programs or software on to the pc, except one game I am trying to use.

    The program works fine on my laptop and I get no error messages. But when I try and open the program on my pc I get the following message:

    "Compenent "MSINET.OCX"or of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

    I have downloaded the "MSINET.OCX" file and I have put it in the folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32"

    I then type RegSvr32 msinet.ocx in the Start/Run, it the say the registration is successful.

    I try to open the game again the error message still comes up.

    I have tried another method of trying to register the, "MSINET.OCX" file

    by downloading the MSINET.OCX file with another file, putting them in the same folder and clicking install. This also does not fix the problem.

    I have tried it on both windows XP Home and Windows XP Proffessional but still get the message.


    I am not a computer wizz but I have tried everything I have found on the web to do, but no luck, please someone with more brains than me help, thank you, Ash

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    Default MSINet.ocx

    Hello and Welcome to Free PC Help Ash.

    Please download the archive attached to this message and extract it. Within, you will find labeled MSINet.ocx.bat. Double-click on the file and a command prompt Window will open up. It will silently unregister and reregister the *.ocx file in question and thus hopefully resolve your problem.

    Let us know how it goes though. Good Luck.

    -- Goku
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    ash what game is this and where did you get it? That might help us.

    Since you just restored to factory settings have you updated Windows?

    You posted in XP but your stats show you have Vista. You also say you get the same problem on XP Home and XP Pro. Exactly what version of Windows is installed on this computer that has just been reset to factory settings?
    We are all members helping other members. Please return here where you may be able to help someone else. After all, no one knows everything and you may have the answer that someone needs.

    Get help with computer problems. Join Free PC Help here

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    I'm Turkish
    Very very thanks You are a great man.

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