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Recent content by A Bit Annoyed

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    Printer not connecting

    I am hoping you lovely people can help me again with my Dads issues. He has a laptop running Windows 10. He bought a new, HP 6010 printer in April after his old one gave up the ghost. Last Thursday, he rang to say his laptop had had an update and since then, his printer just wouldn't work...
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    Lenovo Ideapad320-14ik8 internet browsers freezing

    Hi We have a mobile Wi-Fi Dongle which connected to her laptop, but only by plugging it in, I.e. as an Ethernet. All other devices in the house connect with no problems. Well, I say that, the fire stick and V6 box have their moments but I think that's part of their job description. It is a...
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    Lenovo Ideapad320-14ik8 internet browsers freezing

    Hi Laptop completely lost internet connection. Had a very stressed daughter this morning as there was no sign of the wireless adapter at all. After several attempts to update drivers so the computer could find them again, still no luck. She had to use a mobile Wi-Fi dongle we had bought for...
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    Lenovo Ideapad320-14ik8 internet browsers freezing

    Thank you for this. I will get her to go through this when she has a chance.
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    Lenovo Ideapad320-14ik8 internet browsers freezing

    Hopefully we have the model number correct. My daughter bought this laptop three years ago for University work and it worked fine up until November (she says). It has been used exclusively for her University work and browsing. It is more important this year, because she will have to do her...
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    Laptop not connecting to Wifi

    OK, will do. Thanks for all your advice.
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    Laptop not connecting to Wifi

    Forgot to mention, I suggested Ethernet cable, but he is currently using the only one he has to connect his laptop to his (supposedly) wireless printer. His printer can be temperamental, but I have never met a printer that wasn't, to be honest.
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    Laptop not connecting to Wifi

    Hi Went to Dads yesterday. He said that sometimes the laptop freezes too and he has to restart it. Anyway, I followed your instructions. Nothing next to the wireless adapter at all. In fact, the laptop behaved for me. I cleared his cache and turned off notifications that were bothering...
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    Laptop not connecting to Wifi

    Thanks for your reply. I will check all this as soon as I can get over to him.
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    Laptop not connecting to Wifi

    I hope someone can help. The laptop in question belongs to my dear old Dad, who causes me sleepless nights with his technical issues. He has a five year old laptop, which is Windows 10. Last week, while I was trying to work from home, he rang and said his laptop wouldn't connect to the wifi. The...
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    Malwarebytes update

    I have Windows 8.1 and have Malwarebytes premium installed. It has been asking me to update to its latest version but whenever I click to allow it, nothing happens. It simply does nothing and there box goes off the screen. I have tried to download off Malwarebytes site but when I click to...
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    HP ENVY 5530 Scanning Issues

    My Dad uses this printer with a Windows 10 laptop. When he scans, the image which comes up is readable, but covered in thin green,blue and purple stripes. He says the menu options which come up are not "preview" as normal, but something else (he couldn't remember) . Can anyone advise on a fix...
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    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

    Hi, My daughter's phone is constantly giving a message saying there is insufficient internal storage. She has moved what she can to the SD card and is trying to back up all her phone files to the PC, although it keeps saying there was an error during back up. This has started since an update to...
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    [Solved] Error message: System error

    I uninstalled WPS Office. Looks like it was a pre-installed app. Dad hasn't complained since I took it off, so I hope that has cured the problem.
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