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Recent content by danzil

  1. danzil

    BSOD happening 7eral times a day

    to check your boot sequence you would need to enter your BIOS> depending on what bios you have it will be a case of pressing the F2 key or the DELETE key at POST (startup), then checking your boot sequence. this should be set to your main drive, the main drive being the drive that hous3es your...
  2. danzil

    SMTP Reverse DNS mismatch

    Hi sounds like they have been blacklisted by SORBS. this maybe due to SPAM or they are configure to be an open relay, (open relay will allow anyone to hitch a free email ride via there email server/provider), that is what you should check first. check Sorbs website and see if there domain is...
  3. danzil

    the memory could not be read

    can you boot into safe mode, then try a system restore to a time before this happened. you may want to run Memtest, and it may also be beneficial to reset your bios to factory in case you have some hardware referencing Ram at the same I/O. regards
  4. danzil

    Dual Monitors

    what model is your current graphics card, and what motherboard do you use. some motherboards can run dual display using the on-board VGA/DVI/HDMI and the same with an additional graphics card. best regard
  5. danzil

    BSOD happening 7eral times a day

    Hi looking at the error you are getting I can see it noting HAL.dll. few questions if you don't mind> how many hard drives do you have installed in this machine? what is the bios boot up sequence set to. has the boot.ini been edited in anyway. (for example an attempted operating system update...
  6. danzil

    SATA drive problem

    Hi XP does come with limitied SATA controller support, but as Ken B said XP is clever enough to know your drive is not fromt he orignal system. i would suggest making sure in your bios that the SATA controller is set to IDE and not AHCI then run a repair install. regards
  7. danzil

    upgrading windows 2000 server to windows xp pro

    Xp may not have the drivers for your SATA/RAID card, look on the manufacturers website for AHCI/SATA drivers, usually say "for the f5 option" or similar. during setup you will be asked to press "f5" (if memory servers me correctly) to install 3rd party drivers, put a floppy drive in or a...
  8. danzil

    Cannot resize server partition (Solved)

    To add to my previous comments, please make sure you have a full backup before attempting to play with any Partiton, dynamic/basic Mbr etc. you just never know.
  9. danzil

    Cannot resize server partition (Solved)

    Hi what build of Easus are you using. have you also tried using DiskPart. if i understand you correctly you have removed the E: partition correct?, in easus server edition you should be able to right click the C: drive and choose resize, then simply move the slider across, then apply. does not...
  10. danzil

    HDD failure recovery with Acronis ?

    Hi. i agree with Randy, back up the drive, isntall a new one, install the OS as fresh then reinstate your data. the longer you keep accessing this drive the greater the risk of the drive fialing completely, this could prove a costly to recover, or may become corrupt beyond recovery.
  11. danzil

    tried to install clean new XP on sisters laptop - have mucked everything up

    Hi D:\acerdata is the partition that holds the image to re-install windows to Acer factory default,,, usually you will be prompted to press a key on startup to acces the recovery, or you would have a Acer recovery Disc. when you say you have 2 xp home installs can you remember formatting the...
  12. danzil


    Hi. as mentioned above you will need a windows CD, it is not strictly true that you will need Home or Pro, it is simply checking the NTFS file structure which either CD can do. As you have access to a computer you could always try downloading a linux live cd, this will allow you to run a...
  13. danzil

    [Solved] New Hard Drive

    Hi how is your machine connecting to the internet, Wireless or Ethernet, are you getting a connection state, for example does your machine say Wireless conencted, or Local Area Connection network cable unplugged. first thing is to make sure you are conencted, and as that your Wireless card or...
  14. danzil

    Dell inspiron M5030

    hi if you are getting graphics all ok on an extenal monito then your internal GPU is fine, this is most liekly as you say the inverter board, or potentially the video cable. if you see a faint picture then it is in my experience mostly the inverter. but in some cases this can be the backlight...
  15. danzil

    Boot Issue

    I agree with Nev, go into your bios and change your first boot hard drive to the one that has the active OS on it, do not confuse this with first second third etc boot options. best regards
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