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Recent content by Jelly Bean

  1. Jelly Bean

    Google Search App wont connect to internet.

    Hello Joddle... The easy way out is to delete/uninstall the app.reboot the tablet. Then reinstall the app,reboot then try connecting again. Let me know how that goes. JB.
  2. Jelly Bean

    Strange login Issues.

    Thanks Starbuck. Oh yeah certainly block the added link. I have Adblock installed already and just installed uBlock and added the link,lets hope that stops the issue.. JB.
  3. Jelly Bean

    Strange login Issues.

    Yup Ken only on the forum.I have blocked the site but I get a blank screen though then have try again and I get onhere. JB.
  4. Jelly Bean

    Strange login Issues.

    Thanks Ken,I already did that. Ive blocked it Starbuck however it must still be coming upas the block list popup appears but the page is blank and I have to click foward to get on the forum. Very strange issue.. JB.
  5. Jelly Bean

    [Solved] CPU overheating

    Hello again Richard,I always scrape my knuckes on something inside the PC ,every single time. Temps apear better.You are not shutting down randomly which so far is a good sign and the gurgling has gone. Watch the temps as you play games/under load over a period of time. And be sure to get...
  6. Jelly Bean

    Strange login Issues.

    I just tried logging in again and again I am directed to that link. Yup only on this forum Ken and I am using FF. JB.
  7. Jelly Bean

    Strange login Issues.

    Every time I try to login to the forum I keep getting this page come up. My File Store I press the back button and relogin and all is well.So why am I seeing this page?? Any Idea? Thanks. JB.
  8. Jelly Bean

    HMRC Scam Email Alert..

    Well after trying to get my friend to actually listen to me that these people were legally scamming people we have a final result. Poor guy I thought he was going to have another heart attack and he was in bits over this.I had enough of these morons conning people.I had seen he had wrote on...
  9. Jelly Bean

    [Solved] CPU overheating

    It should fit,its a 120mm fan same size as you already have,its AMD compat. You should be fine.. But any issues please come back and we can help you further,but you should be fine. JB.
  10. Jelly Bean

    [Solved] CPU overheating

    Looks good to me Richard. JB.
  11. Jelly Bean

    Hi Ken,are you able to suggest any help for George please?

    Hi Ken,are you able to suggest any help for George please?
  12. Jelly Bean


    Is it showing up in device manager at all George? May even show up as other devices with a yellow symbl next to it. Are you getting any different errors? Or just the same as before? I just do not want to say it is broke until we have tried all that we can,do you want me to ask the others if...
  13. Jelly Bean

    [Solved] CPU overheating

    There are stock coolers like the Coolmaster Evo 212 I think is compat again depends on were you buy from,prices go up and down. If you wait I am sure Ken can input with some choices for you. Artic Freezer maybe another choice.Ive not used any of these brands.But Artic Freezer looks decently...
  14. Jelly Bean

    [Solved] CPU overheating

    I would look into a replacement... The cheapest so far is the Corsair H55 whih you already have.£49.99 Amazon.I suppose it depends where your buying from. Corsair Hydro CW-906000 10-W £49-99 Currys. I can do a search and see what I come up with. But my search so far for Corsair is as I...
  15. Jelly Bean

    SSD doesn't get recognized by BIOS/OS

    If its broke its broke,simply RMA it.... JB.
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