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  • hi
    My son friend has a del lap top computer with windows XP his exs girlfriend change the past word to sign imto the computer. u can turn it on and it will boot up but it ask for pass word sign in. The girl claimns she forgot it and does remember and he can not get intoi the computer at all.

    Is there a way for him to by pass or over ride something so he can get into his computer and use it . this boy who owns the computer is a dear friend of ours. He is in a wheel chair and he uses the computer a lot. he misses it a lot . I hope u can help me.
    I've replied to your question in the thread Judy.
    If you ever need to start a new thread.... just click on the 'New Thread' button ( left hand side, near the top) and then add your title and problem as you did before.
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