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Recent content by Ned Seagoon

  1. Ned Seagoon

    Lenovo Ideapad320-14ik8 internet browsers freezing

    My thoughts: This laptop is important as she is completing her degree with it on-line this year. It has an intermittent fault, which is a difficult fault to locate even if an expert has the laptop in front of them. I'm retired now, but when I working as an IT manager with a large company, some...
  2. Ned Seagoon

    Adobe Flash Player

    Now that Adobe have decided to discontinue Flash Player and have actually caused it to stop working does anyone know of an alternative? I found a Flash Emulator, Ruffle, but have not been able to make it work for an on-line Geography game Free online games and quiz about World Geography It...
  3. Ned Seagoon


    Hi Colin, nice to meet you, I'm 77 originally from the UK but migrated to Australia as a child.
  4. Ned Seagoon

    Using a VPN

    I'm considering purchasing access to a VPN so I can securely connect to a remote site. I've never used a VPN before and I'm unsure of the details. I have a Windows 10 PC which seems to come with a VPN client installed and all that is necessary seems to be to configure that client to use the...
  5. Ned Seagoon

    [Solved] 17 inch Dell - AV - Copy and Paste

    I presume it is running windows 10, if so it has built in security, Dell must get a kickback from the paid AV. You can remove that and turn on windows defender, you can find that in Windows Settings/Windows Update/Windows Security. You can remove the paid AV in Windows Settings/Apps/Apps and...
  6. Ned Seagoon

    Help with storage

    The solution proposed by Joddle is a possibility if you wish to spend money on an extra drive, however check the power requirement, specifically the current drain of the new drive before your do this as Dell often do not provide much of a margin for any extra power drain from their power supplies.
  7. Ned Seagoon

    Video Grabber needed to make digital copies of old camcorder tapes

    I use Snagit for screen grabs, it's excellent, it will grab video, but I've not used it for that, you can download a trial version for free to give it tryout for TechSmith Snagit | Screen capture and screen recorder
  8. Ned Seagoon

    Help with storage

    Yes make a backup to an external drive. Use the SSD for your operating system and programs you use frequently, use the internal HDD for storage of photographs, videos and documents. However you do not appear to have a lot of saved data and if there is room, there is no problem storing this on...
  9. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    Thanks Ken. Hey Sobeit, why the hostility? Our news here in Australia is full of Brexit news and I was wondering what the ordinary person on the street has to say about it. Rusty has told us he is sick of hearing about it and you have said that it can't happen fast enough for you. You also...
  10. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    Thanks Sobeit, thanks for voicing your opinion, I wonder if we will hear from any others. As the vote was not far off 50/50 for the country as a whole, I would hope to hear a range of opinions.
  11. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    Thanks Rusty, I can certainly understand the frustration of hearing the subject mentioned every time you turn on the TV or the radio. My thoughts go deeper than the superficial rubbish trotted out by so many commentators. When I was born my father was off fighting in WWII in North Africa, he...
  12. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    But this is the water cooler, which by definition means other topics are OK. What are your thoughts on the topic?
  13. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    On a slightly different note, we have Nigel Farage here in Australia at the moment sprouting forth on all manner of topics, including Bexit. I really believe he is one person who should have been drowned at birth. A totally obnoxious fool.
  14. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    I was surprised not to find a thread on this subject, so I've started this, please join in and add your thoughts. I'll preface this with a little about myself, I'm a British born dual Australian/UK citizen, resident in Australia. I was horrified when the result of the referendum was announced...
  15. Ned Seagoon

    ERROR CODE 0x80070422 Unable to use windows update

    Hi Butler, you might need to change the Windows Update service settings, and then restart the service. You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps. Open Administrative Tools by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type...
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